CIELO RASO Audiovisual and Theatrical Production

The Dusk of Dawn (2017)

Fleeing from a dark past, a young peasant woman and her son hide in an abandoned house. The woman wakes one morning to find her son is missing. Her quest to find him uncovers her deepest fears and turns into a race for survival.


2017: Panorama Selection - Cine Corto Popayan. 2016: Official Selection - Short Screenplay Competition and Global Script Challenge at Oaxaca Film Fest; Bogoshorts Co Production Incubator.


Short film

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Duration: 11 min

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles

The Ascent (2015)

Living a life of excess, a troubled woman wakes one morning contemplating suicide. An unexpected encounter with a stranger in an elevator will have her question the meaning of her unbridled existence.


2015: Official Selection - Holly Shorts Film Festival (Los Angeles) and New York City Independent Film Festival; Panorama Nacional Section - Bogotá Short Film Festival; Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival. 2016: Excellence Award - Rincon International Film Festival of Puerto Rico; Salon of Leisure and Fantasy (SOFA); 8th Women Film Festival - Fundación Mujer Es Audiovisual; CINÉDITO – Bogotá.


Short Film

Genre: Drama / Suspense

Duration: 13 min

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles

Is That How You Imagine Me?

 IGNACIO, a 70 year old writer and MABEL, a girl of 16, meet in a chat room. Both surf the web looking for companionship and understanding. He needs a new muse and she wants to forget the violence at home. The play explores the subject of internet relationships.


2016: One season at Buen Viaje Theater, Bogotá, Colombia. 2015: One season at Casa E, Bogotá. The play is now being used as an educational tool to combat digital crimes against minors, and has been shown in educational institutions such as Minuto de Dios University in Bogotá.


Theater Play

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Duration: 15 min

Language: Spanish


A Night with Dad (2017)

For work reasons, XIOMARA PALACIOS checks in at a luxury hotel, only to find that she has to share a room with her father. This unusual night, filled with emotional ups and downs, will reunite these two people as a family.


2017: Official Selection Professional Category - Smart Films Festival, Bogotá


Short Film shot with an I Phone 6

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 5 min

Language: Spanish with English Subtitles




 CIELO RASO Audiovisual and Theatrical Production