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ana soler

CEO & Managing Director


VP of Production, Technical Director



Ana Soler was born in Puerto Rico and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emerson College in Boston. In 1996 she arrived in Colombia, where she has had a prolific career in film, theater and television. Her filmography includes: "Posición Viciada" (1997), "Sin Amparo" (2002), "Bolivar Soy Yo" (2002), "La Otra Familia" (2011), "Mariposas Verdes" (2017) and dozens of TV series. For the complete filmography visit: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0812916/


Director, producer and screenwriter of the short films: “The Ascent” (2015), “The Dusk of Dawn” (2017), “A Night with Dad” (2017), and the theater play “Is That How You Imagine Me?” (2015).


Soler is also active behind the camera, using her industry expertise and contacts to boost sales and public relations for industry professionals and strategic clients -- and facilitate creative processes and workflows between companies.


Her vision and creativity have positioned Cielo Raso as a multi-lingual, multi-cultural player on the international stage. She is currently working on the development of several web series and her second feature film.



A documentary photographer and videographer, Barrero graduated from Colombia’s UNITEC. He has worked on video, film and photography projects with some of the world’s leading news outlets including, Reuters, AFP, AP, EFE, The Miami Herald and COLPRENSA, and worked as a field producer for the National Geographic Society Magazine.


In addition, he has developed projects for the United Nations, OXFAM, GTZ, DIAKONIA, USAID, MDM, ACDIVOCA, ACNUR, OSF, WWF, and the Canadian Embassy.